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We specialize in unusual varieties with superior blooming and growth habit.  You won't find these sold by mass producers! 

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Kohleria: every kind imaginable

We grow a LOT of kohleria.  We like to say, "if you can't grow a kohleria, you can't grow anything".  They are so easy, it's a bigger problem to keep them from growing! 

Kohleria are fast, vigorous, growers--don't be squeamish about cutting them back (and you'll have to).  This will encourage them to branch, grow fuller, and flower even more.  They are rhizomatous, so new growth will also appear from the base, easily filling any size pot.  It also means that if you've "killed" your kohleria, don't toss the pot--it may yet resprout!

Freely produced blooms are fuzzy with spotted throats, and leaves are lush and velvety.  Kohleria will do well anywhere there is decent light, either under artificial lights or in windows (where we grow many of ours).  They will tolerate conditions that many other plants will not.  They make excellent "cut flowers" as well--put stems in vase with water, where they'll continue to grow and gloom almost indefinitely.

African violets:

Standard violets.  Grow 10-12" or more in diameter.
Miniature violets.  Grow 6" or less in diameter.
Trailing violets.  Spreading plants. As baskets or as ground covers 

African Violets in small barnAfrican violets and houseplants in small barnAfrican violets and hanging baskets in glasshouseAfrican violets and other plants in barn shop

At any given time we have more than 30,000 plants in our barns and glasshouse!
Grown under both artificial and natural light.  All are suitable for the home.

African violet relatives: Gesneriads

Aeschynanthus.  The "lipstick" plant for the bright "lipstick" like blooms.  Cascading or spreading habit.
Alsobia.  Exotic, fringed blooms.  Velvety, deep green, leaves spreads by stolons (runners).
'Chocolate soldier' plant.  Beautiful leaves and bright blooms.
Candy-corn blooms.  Thick, waxy leaves make these tolerant of neglect. 
Primulina (formerly Chirita).  New from China and SE Asia.  Tubular blooms and flat, rosette foliage.
Sinningia.  'Florist gloxinia'.  Spectacular tuberous plants with very showy blooms.  Some are miniature.
Streptocarpus.  'Cape Primrose'.  Wide selection of our own hybrids.  Wonderful houseplants!

Plus many, many more gesneriads!  Including codonanthe and petrocosmea.  We grow hundreds of odd, exotic, plants.  Many are for sale in our online store.

We grow a huge collection of miniature and terrarium plants!

Every plant you need for a terrarium, miniature landscape, or fairy garden.  Our plants are true miniatures, not just cuttings of a large plant that will quickly outgrow your container.  Safe for use in vivariums.  Not harmful to frogs and reptiles.  We only use organic, nontoxic, products when growing these plants.

We also have other plants for the indoor garden

Begonias.  We specialize in small and compact species and varieties for the indoor garden.
Hoya.  'Wax vines'.  Beautiful and indestructible.  Many are fragrant too!

Also, a complete line of growing supplies Soil, pots, fertilizer, and tools.

Need blooming plants for a wedding, party, or special event?  Contact us.  We may be able to send you the plants to make your event special.

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